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About The Ms. Print Online

The Ms. Print website launched in September 2012 as the online version of the student newspaper for St. Mary’s Academy in downtown Portland, Oregon. After a year-long hiatus from publication, The Ms. Print was re-established as a purely online student publication for SMA, managed by students in the SMA Media Communications class. The site also welcomes guest submissions from students who could not join the class and faculty or staff members.

The Ms. Print is an information source for the students, faculty, staff, administration, parents, alumnae and other related parties of SMA, and thus strives for accuracy, honesty, responsibility and objectivity in the investigation and publication of material on the site.  The Ms. Print also intends to be a public forum for student expression and encourages all sides to voice their opinion.

The Ms. Print staff strives to create work of the highest possible quality.  They continue to seek new approaches to investigating and reporting information, and to being creative and innovative in the presentation of that information.

The Ms. Print is not subject to involuntary review by anyone except its own staff and adviser prior to publication, and is therefore responsible for the publication’s contents. But The Ms. Print welcomes feedback from its audience and will quickly correct any errors that may inadvertently appear on the site.

For more information about The Ms. Print or SMA’s Media Communications Program, please contact SMA’s Media Communications instructors Ben Peterson or Alyssa Tormala.

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The student news site of St. Mary's Academy
About The Ms. Print Online