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5 Fictional Female Role Models to celebrate Womens History Month with

March 21, 2017


In recent years there has been an increasing number of female protagonists in books, movies, and shows. Thus giving readers many great examples of sonorous, independent and powerful females have been shown in multiple books, movies, and TV shows. However, while there has been much progress, we still have a long way to go. In contemporary children’s books, only around 30% of the protagonists are female.  In the meantime, here are five examples of characters we should all try to live up to.

Hermione Granger, the main female protagonist in the Harry Potter series, can be described as a strong, smart, caring, brainy girl with enormous amounts of wit and bravery. She stands apart from her peers by speaking up for what she believes in, will go far for her beliefs, and fights for what is right, not for her own personal gain. She is a very motivated and driven character which makes her so special.

Princess Leia, known from the Star Wars franchise, is a high-spirited individual, very defiant and an inspiration to many young people. Her accomplishment at such a young age is no doubt influencing and encouraging. Leia’s bright and strong personality produced an uncommon but extraordinary person who we should all aspire to be more like.
A young intellectual, Christina Yang from the extremely successful TV show Grey’s Anatomy, based on interns working in a hospital, is a smart, brilliant woman with the best intentions. Christina’s commitment and dedication are extremely powerful and an inspiration to all viewers.

Dorothy Gale, the main protagonist in The Wizard of Oz is a friendly young individual with lots of potential and bravery. The young girl from Kansas meets new friends and foes on her journey to defeat the Wicked Witch of the West to return home. Her adventure shows her bravery nature and her determination to go home to the people she loves, helping others along the way.

Moana, the young adventurer from the 2016 hit film Moana is an intelligent young woman who desires to explore the ocean and return her ancestors legacy of voyaging. However, her father wants her to follow in his footsteps and continue to lead island and stay on the shore. When her village is dying, she is forced to adventure across the sea and save her home. This is very different from the previous Disney princesses where they run away from their home as an act of rebellion. Moana travels away from her home because she loves her home and wants to save it. She encounters many dangerous tasks and enemies along the way, showing her determination, bravery, courage and loyalty to her island, family, and ancestors.

These fictional characters continue to influence women all around the world everyday to be themselves no matter what others may think of them, inspire people to make positive changes in the world, stand up for what is right, and to resist no matter what may be thrown at them. These women teach the young and old to never stand down, and always speak up for what is right, and even if your voice isn’t the loudest, it still matters.

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