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TBH- Why the Newest Anonymous-Participation App Is So Popular

November 16, 2017

Unlike the other common anonymous-participation apps, TBH only allows positive responses. In the mix of other trendy apps such as Sarahah, this one stands out as a confidence booster rather than a platform for cyber bullying, like so many others. When you make an account, you can connect with others from your school. Then, you can anonymously select people for different polls, such as “Could survive in space for a year” or “Too nice for this world.” Users can also submit polls, which are then vetted by the TBH team, ensuring that everything on the site stays positive. The app gained such a huge following that, for multiple days, there was a waitlist to make an account.

Although it is almost fully anonymous, you can still see the age and gender of the person who selected you. In a recent update, a new feature allows users to reveal themselves. If the person who received the poll thinks they know who has selected them in a given category, they can click “reply,” and ask who it is. If you want, you can reveal yourself, although you still have the option of remaining totally anonymous.

This can bring up some safety concerns for parents who worry that their children could be communicating with strangers online. Although most of the people that show up on your polls are friends, friends of friends can also sometimes pop up, which allows you to talk to people that you do not really know. When a user creates an account, it is automatically linked to your school and possibly other area schools. Although there are age restrictions, many kids in middle school or younger can create accounts by simply lying about their age or not providing it, which directly opposes the apps guidelines.

TBH rose to the #1 most downloaded app in a matter of weeks, surpassing even Facebook and Instagram. Despite only being available in select states, it was downloaded close to 5 million times in a matter of months. The key component to its immense success is positivity, which attracts children and parents alike.  Most social media just provides a little dopamine rush from being “liked,” while TBH makes users feel truly appreciated. Although the app provides its users a little confidence boost, the access of anonymous-participation apps can still be troubling. Each user should be sure to effectively monitor their network of friends and participants.

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