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Stress Management: DIY Stress Ball

May 31, 2016

Sometimes when you’re overwhelmed, all you can do is sit down and try to relax. This series provides 3 easy DIY’s that make relaxation easy and fun!



  • Balloons
  • Funnel
  • Flour

First, blow the balloon up and release the air inside. Doing this will stretch the balloon out and make it easier to put the flour inside. Next, take the funnel and wrap the neck of the balloon around it, making sure it is secure so no flour escapes while filling the balloon.


Next, while filling the balloon make sure it is upright and that you add small amounts of flour at a time. This makes it easier and faster to fill the balloon as if a large amount of flour is put into the funnel it will get clogged and will take much more time to enter the balloon.



Once you get close to the top of the balloon, be careful not to let any flour enter the neck of the balloon. Once the flour has reached the bottom of the neck of the balloon, tie it off. (For extra precaution you can put the balloon filled with flour inside of another balloon just in case it breaks.)


With just these few simple steps, you have your very own stress ball! Enjoy!




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