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5 Apps to Organize Fourth Quarter

March 23, 2017

As we approach the last quarter of the school year, many of us will likely try to piece things together, briefly, in hopes of finishing the school year as smoothly as possible. While this may not go exactly according to plan, trying to get a little more organized never hurts. No matter what you might use them for, here are five organization apps worth checking out. We’ve divided them by whether they’re Apple-specific or not, but all of them are available on the App Store– meaning that you can sync them on your iPad, phone, and computer in most cases.

Specific to Apple

  • The Reminders app, a default download on every iPad in the school.
    • If you have an iPhone or use your iPad at home frequently, you should get to know the Reminders app well. Not only does it let you set reminders by importance and by time, but it lets you set your reminders by location.
    • If you go into the details on a reminder, you can put in an address, and as long as you’re connected to wifi or have service, the reminder should pop up when you arrive there. It’s precise within about a block, but doesn’t leave your lock screen until you check it off inside of the app. I usually set it for my home address or the coffee shop I usually study at, so that they pop up on my phone or my iPad as soon as I connect to wifi.
  • Bear
    • Bear isn’t a reminders app, but does have a reminders feature. It’s nice for taking notes and jotting down thoughts, especially since the text features are right above the keyboard and easy to access. It allows file attachments and encoded links, as well as tagging and a minimalistic bulleting system. Using it with things like Notability requires the information to be copied and pasted, but it’s more efficient for, say… jotting down your thoughts via keyboard in a clean, organized fashion.
    • One of the most interesting features of Bear is the fact that it’s meant to be accessible to a number of coding languages, and allows coding markup. Whether or not you use code frequently or at all, the features it implements (such as tagging and space to directly enter code) are useful beyond their original purpose.


Available on Multiple Platforms (Chrome, Android, Apple, Desktop)

  • Pocket
    • If you aren’t already using it, Pocket is an app that works with Safari to save and tag sites you’ve visited, if you choose to do so. You can tag from inside of the browser, and tags are unlimited– meaning that you can have as many or as few as you want. It also features
    • To set up Pocket, go to Safari and pick the export button (first to the right of the search bar) and swipe to the end, until you reach “More.” When you tap it, you should be able to choose which apps you’d like to be available when you want to export something (and to rearrange them, if you’d like to do that, too).
  • Todoist
    • Todoist looks a little daunting at first glance, but upon closer examination, is full of different features to organize all sorts of details. It’s a lot like Apple’s Reminders app, but with more features (for example, you can categorize and subcategorize reminders) and accessibility on multiple platforms.
    • Todoist also lets you type all of the necessary reminding information in on one line, then sorts it out. For example, you can type “ms print article tomorrow” and the app will recognize that “tomorrow” is the time at which that specific piece is due. You can change the time later if you need to.
  • Evernote
    • While a bit older than the others, Evernote has nearly perfected what it offers by now. It has note-taking, of course, as well as a scanner feature that’s possible better than CamScanner. It also has a premium version, but is still fully functional without it. If you haven’t tried this one yet, I’d definitely suggest it, since it’s pretty easy to figure out and not too bulky or burdensome.

No matter how you finish this upcoming quarter, the Living Arts department hopes that it goes smoothly for you—and that you’re able to stay organized (and sane) as this summer approaches.

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