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Living Arts Takes Food Carts

March 23, 2017

In the streets of downtown Portland, SMA students swarm the food carts during lunch. Some have been seen running down the front steps only seconds after the bell rings. Others decide to call in their order in advance and head down later during the lunch period. Sumo Sushi is one food cart that has taken our school community by storm. With many varieties of choice, this food cart has garnered much attention only in the past month. Another food cart, a student favorite, is Thai Pasta. This past Tuesday, the Living Arts Department decided to try sushi burritos from the new Sumo Sushi and pad thai from Thai Pasta’s classic food cart.

Our Ratings:
Sumo Sushi : The Buddha’s Delight – 4.5/5
From Sumo Sushi, we ordered ‘The Buddha’s Delight.’ It contained rice, radish, pickled radish, Japanese omelet, tofu curd, lettuce (they were out, so we substituted avocado instead– would definitely recommend), and cucumber, wrapped in seaweed. It cost $7.50.

Sushi burrito from Sumo Sushi.

Buddha’s Delight burrito

We liked that the sushi burrito was fresh and used many different ingredients. It was very fresh and the ingredients were proportioned nicely to each other, with no flavor really overpowering any others. Even when we shared it between the three of us, it was filling. However, while eating, we found that it was a bit messy and rice would fall out between bites. It wasn’t really the sort of thing that you’d want to eat while trying to mutlitask in class, but if you had time during lunch to sit down and enjoy it, it’s a pretty good choice.

Going in, we’d heard that it usually takes a long time to order because of the long lines. On the day we went, that wasn’t the case, and it took them around eight minutes to give us our order. Still, if you’re worried about time, you can call ahead of time and order.
Their phone number is (503)-473-3691, and this is their website.

Thai Pasta : Pad Thai – 4.5/5

From the Thai Pasta food cart, we ordered a pad thai with the substitution of tofu in place of chicken. The price was $6.50, a typical price for pad thai. Normally, the wait time for food cart food is on the lengthy side, with only ten minutes of lunch period to spare after the food is ready, but today, things progressed faster. After ordering, there was about a fifteen minute wait for our food.

Pad thai with tofu

The pad thai consisted of noodles, tofu, bean sprouts, and a lime wedge. The portion size was large enough to share with a friend, and all three of us were able to enjoy the food. While eating, we found that some parts of noodles were dry, mainly around the edges of the container either due to waiting too long to eat, or other factors. The tofu was soft, but could use more flavor. However, the vegetables were cooked well and resonated with the flavor. Like many food carts, it is more convenient to call and order ahead of time, since waiting time can be unpredictable from day to day.

Their number is (503) 548-3096, and their website is here.

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