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First Semester at St. Mary’s Academy

St. Mary's life through a freshmans perspective

January 16, 2017

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First Semester at St. Mary’s Academy

I’m currently a freshman at St. Mary’s Academy and I’ve gathered a few thoughts on what it’s like. In 8th grade my parents told me I was going to SMA. I was sad to leave all my friends and to move from where I grew up. St. Mary’s had a series of events throughout the year to help us meet other people, and I was one of the only people who didn’t know a single person. During the testing I felt like I did not know as much as everyone else, because I went to public school not a private school.
In April, I found out I got accepted to SMA, which was good and bad in my opinion. I’m glad I’ll get a good education but that meant I would not be able to stay in touch with a lot of my Tigard and Tualatin friends.
School soon came around the corner, and it was quite intimidating. I worried about a lot of things, friends I’d have in class, who I should and should not talk to, where I would sit for lunch, what people would think of me. I recognized a couple of people from the summer classes I took for St. Mary’s and sat next to them for first, second and third block, and those seats remained for a month. I learned to start talking to some more people later on, and started making some new friends. Even though I started off with those friends, they are not the ones I’m truly close with. Don’t be afraid to branch out from people you’d normally hang out with, you will meet a bunch of new people. I started hanging out with people I normally wouldn’t and we turned out to have a lot in common.
I’m still adjusting to SMA even though the second quarter is over. Coming from a public school, adjusting to new school work and new surroundings is different. It is really nice to be downtown everyday so if I want to go hang out with friends after school it is convenient. The homework has been said to take “4-6 hours,” but at least for first semester it does not take that long. I recommend not procrastinating. I had to adjust to not procrastinating and it was quite hard because I mainly would binge watch shows, which can really hinder your ability to finish homework.
Getting your homework out of the way early makes everything way easier and I highly recommend it. Make sure to study for tests a little bit here and there over the course of a week or so, that way you aren’t overwhelming your brain with too much work. By doing that, you learn and remember material everyday. Also, spend your time in class to do your work when they give you time, it makes it way less stressful and eases the amount of homework you have.
The teachers are all really nice and understanding with a lot of things. When I first got my iPad, I thought it was so hard to adjust to, but once I did adjust to it, I realized they’re really helpful. If there is something in your grade that might seem weird, email your teacher. They love it that you’re checking on your grade and reaching out to fix them, and will happily help you. Also be sure not to just email them at the end of the quarter when there is nothing left to do. Being taught in more depth and having the teachers who are passionate about teaching is very beneficial. You learn way more material than you’d learn in a public school.
Even though I initially didn’t want to go to SMA, it turned out to be great. You really learn more and in the long run, is way more helpful.

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