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The New Year as Music

January 18, 2017

This song, with its folksy bite, is just the right balance between cold and warm to start off the year. There is a hopeful aftertaste that the last lines leave you with, as Lindisfarne sings, “You need me need you need him need everyone.”

February, as a month, is bitingly cold–and many songs capture that feeling perfectly–but I couldn’t forget about the distinct, unique feeling of Valentine’s Day that I think is perfectly encapsulated within this short, bittersweet song.

In like a lion and out like a lamb, they say. I know that this song isn’t about the month of March, but when I listen to this, I imagine riding a horse over dew-covered, grassy-green hills toward the sunrise. Maybe that’s just me.

April, to me, is rainy, unexciting, and indistinct. It is not as cold as the previous three months, but not warm enough to initiate summer festivities. The plants aren’t all dead, but it takes a while yet before they bloom. This song packages that same feeling in a way that is simply easy to listen to.

This and “February Brings the Rain” are both from an album titled Calendar Girl by Julie London. May, to me, has the same indistinction as April, but with a little bit warmer weather and a little more excitement as we lead up to June. This song is just quietly happy, much like the month.

In June, summer is young and fun, it is spending as much time as you can outside: at parks, at friends’ houses. This song captures that excited, calm youthfulness of the month.

I’ve been told that there is some controversy surrounding this artist in the K-Pop community, but the reason I chose this is because it feels like such a quintessential summer pop song. The peppy synths and muted, rhythmic vocals may not be good music, but this style is basically tradition in pop music when it comes to summer releases.

August is a warm sunset to me, listening to Concerts in the Park under the St. John’s Bridge. This song tells the same sleepy, meditative story I think of when I think of August.

In terms of weather, I think September still holds onto a lot of summer warmth and calm that Fitzgerald’s voice captures so well.

A lot of the songs about October had a purely autumn sound, but I liked that this song had just an ounce of creepiness added by those piano chords at the beginning.

This song reminds me of exactly what is pictured here: a walk through the changing leaves with a sunset shining through. I think this song also hints at the coziness of spending Thanksgiving with family.

I love the introduction to this song, its muted bounciness is perfectly reminiscent of seeing the first snow of the year.

Happy New Year!


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