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Sofía Britten
Sofía Britten is a sophomore at SMA. She contributes to the SMA Life Department and also works with podcasts and website design for the Ms. Print. She is a member of the SMA Dance Company, both the Marians and Rose Choir, and on the graphic design team of the school's literary magazine: Escribe Maria. She hopes to pursue a life filled with graphic design, amazing product packaging, and really good green tea. Sofía is a huge fan of spending time with friends at Goodwill, hiking, and eating food. As always, she's a huge fan of books, movies, and music and is currently obsessed with Tom Rosenthal. In her very rare spare time she choreographs hip hop. Goals in life include starting a magazine, meeting her queen Rowan Blanchard, living in Vancouver, Canada, and surviving the amazing SMA experience.

Sofía Britten, SMA Life Staff Writer

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