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Tatiana Cober
Tatiana "Tati" Cober is a freshman at SMA and writes for the Millennials Department. Tatiana enjoys riding horses, drawing, and writing. They are very passionate about animals, art, and rights. Whenever free time is found, Tatiana can be found watching various YouTube videos, drawing, or hanging out at the barn with the horses. Tatiana is a dressage rider at Forward Stride and has been for 10 years. They almost always have headphones in, listening to various kinds of music, ranging from pop to punk. Tati is always up for a chat on shows, music, or any other various interests.  Tati is definitely a theater nerd, they also enjoy acting at Portland Actors Conservatory. Future goals include making art, becoming a veterinarian, possibly starting a band, and making friends who share their amount of passion for the various interests.

Tatiana Cober, Millenials Department Writer

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