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Monthly Good: April

Dog's & Friends Edition!

April 27, 2017

We here at the Ms. Print know that some days can get pretty gloomy. We want to be able to provide you with some updates that will lighten your spirits, and this month they were extremely heartwarming. There have been a lot of stories about animals, particularly baby animals, and we know those are especially exciting! There were also a few humans out there doing good work – we hope that this month’s monthly good compilation brings a smile to your face!

Normally, police dogs are pure-bred and trained from birth. However, police dog trainer in San Antonio is trying to give some different dogs a chance. He is saving dogs from shelters who are on “doggie death row” and giving them a second chance and a purpose. Check out videos of these sweet dogs and more details on the trainer here!

These owners may be a little weird, but the results sure are cute! A pomeranian and a french bulldog got married, and the pictures are adorable. Check out the background on the wedding and look at the pictures here!

April, a giraffe at a zoo in upstate New York, gave birth to a baby calf after much publicity and speculation from the general public. Many thought that the pregnancy may have been faked for publicity, as April has her own website and apparel line and her pregnancy lasted a little too long. But, in fact, she did give birth, and the whole thing is on video. Check it out and find out more details about the baby here!

A river otter named Tilly at the Oregon Zoo just gave birth to two new pups! Find out their ADORABLE names here and see pictures and videos of the new family here!

Check out this awesome short film that follows a 10-year-old girl who dominates a male-dominated sport – boxing. Her name is Jesselyn Silva, or “JessZilla.” She is extremely passionate about the sport and is breaking athletic barriers with her hard work and determination. Check out her inspiring story here.

If you want to contribute a story to future Monthly Good compilations, send links to [email protected]!

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